bandwidth saving in real link.

From: Jaeho Yang <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 00:31:21 +0900 (KST)

Hi. Everyone.

2 weeks ago, I posted about the saving bandwidth rate in real link.
I compared the the rate of *hit bytes from squid access log* with
that of *real link* bandwidth.

I setup our squid for traffic metering with ipfwadm accounting tool.
It shows real link traffic, which shows the similar (+- 5%) traffic
rate with the statistic from cisco router.

I found following data:

  real sample)
     [1] the traffic rate from calcuration of access.log (bytes)
                --> 1307 kbps
     [2] the traffic rate from calcuration of ipfwadm accounting
                --> 3977 kbps

[1] is the rate of 5minutes traffic rate from access.log.
[2] is the rate of traffic rate from ipfwadm accounting (outgoing http
traffic rate from squid)
300%.. The real traffic show 3 times than the rate from calcuration
of access.log. (I can't understand such a value.. but.. it is real)

Is there any similar approach about saving bandwidth ?

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