*Anybody* using 1.2b22, IE4 and proxy_auth?

From: Sparks, Alan <asparks@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 10:07:26 -0700

Yesterday I sent out a question about how IE4 hangs when accessing a
1.2beta22 Squid with proxy_auth enabled. Upgraded to IE 4.01 SP1 and
still have the problem.

As a sanity check, anybody make this work. Works well w/ Netscape here,
but just get timeouts after 2-3 minutes with IE4.


Alan Sparks, IS Engineering Support
Harris Network Support Systems, Camarillo CA (805) 389-2430
Received on Thu Jun 25 1998 - 10:08:50 MDT

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