Still problems with IE4, Squid 1.2b22, proxy_auth

From: Sparks, Alan <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 12:48:27 -0700

Asked a question about why IE4 hangs when using Squid 1.2b22 with
proxy_auth a week ago or so. Only one answer from another fellow with
the same problem.

IE4 pops the auth-required dialog up, and waits til a timeout (2-3
minutes) before erroring out. Seems that if you hit the browser "stop"
button during this time and refresh, all will then continue OK. You
screw up typing your password though, restart the browser. :-(

Netscape 3.x behaves properly.

Just want to repeat the question since I didn't see any responses from
the squid-user or squid-bugs lists. Anyone know how to fix this?? I
can't seem to debug this on my own.


Alan Sparks, IS Engineering Support
Harris Network Support Systems, Camarillo CA (805) 389-2430
Received on Tue Jun 30 1998 - 12:49:24 MDT

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