Re: HTCP versus ICP

From: George Michaelson <>
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 15:43:50 +1000

  Regardless of HTCP status, _if_ most of us consider small false hit ratio
  acceptable, Cache Digests is the way to go. They do not introduce any
  query/response delays and, thus, scale well with the number of peers. The
  price is more RAM, but with less than a 1MB digest per 16GB peer and cheap
  memory, it's not a big deal.

Can you make a first-order guess at the size of the false-hit levels? small
is very relative to the eye of the beholder.

The LBL proposals for cache-mesh with multicast backend sharing still look the
most innovative work in this area. They are due to report on ns simulations
soon I believe..


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