Re: HTCP versus ICP

From: John Cougar <>
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 11:31:30 +1000 (EST)

On Wed, 1 Jul 1998, Duane Wessels wrote:

> I'm skeptical about the performance, but I do want to implement it
> to compare with broken ICP.
> Its probably about 1/3 finished in Squid-1.2.
> Would you rather have Squid-1.2 sooner, or with full HTCP for the first
> non-beta release?

Personally, I'd like to see an improved method for inter-cache
communication, whether it be ICPv2, HTCP, Digests or what have you ...
d'you think you'll bundle all of these into the one system? It's getting
a little on the complex side for most punters, I suspect.

ICP support with still be requisite for interoperability with older
systems, but for the newer deployments, we need to address the new ideas.

One area which could see more input from "the World" is an collection of
optimisations to be applied to specific platforms to make Squid RUN (as
opposed to walk :-). Apparently Inktomi have had Sun write them a
specific micro-kernel highly tuned to providing HiPerf for their Traffic
server; I've heard rumours that the Squids run by have
seen the attentions of the likes of Stew Forester to achieve an order of
magnitude performance increase, and so on ...

I know that some facts are being (loosely) assembled already, such as in
the Squid/FAQs, in Adrian Cockrofts series in the Sun archives, etc ...
but the Rocket Scientists amongst us could (should?) contibute
significantly more tidbits to help the global incentive and boost
knowledge in the community. This will take time.

My 2c worth.


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