RE: broken dnsservers

From: Andy Farkas <>
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 1998 18:00:24 +1000

I swear I've read the entire User's Guide, but only got halfway through the
FAQ :(

Anyways, I've disabled tcp extensions, increased msize, and all seems well
so far. Squid would only last a couple of days before, so I'll keep an eye
on it. Looks good though (normal looking dnsserver histogram) ... many

Ps. I'll finish the faq before I ask my next question ... (doh! I feel
like such a newbie)

>I am having problems with dnsservers blocking and refusing to do requests,
>eventually to the point where I have to manually stop squid, then
>individually kill off the dnsserver processes. Can somebody point me in
>the right direction to help me find out what's wrong?


Duane W.
Received on Sun Jul 05 1998 - 01:07:25 MDT

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