Re: AW: raising performance

From: Chet Murthy <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 98 14:54:01 -0400

If you were to put Net.Dispatcher, or the Cisco
equivalent in front of the two Squid servers,
it should still work, even if you're using
reverse-proxy, right?

If you have set proxy parameters in the browser then you are directly
accessing the squid as proxy servers... however the other way of doing
the same without changing anything on the client end is by difining
the squid ip as the gateway for all machines on the network and do
a port redirect on the machine which runs squid from port 80 to whichever
port the squid is running on.

On my network most machines are DHCP managed and gateway address can
be controlled from the DHCP server... and they can be configured to
go through a specific server (which hosts squid) which looks after
the caching needs just like the setup you have.
However in this case DNS would not help....

It seems that in your case where proxy server is defined on each
browser... you _can_ make use of DNS round-robin load balancing...

happy caching...;-)


On 04-Jul-98 Oeschey, Lars wrote:
> hmm.. i must admit im kinda confused about what im using ;) Ive set
> up squid just as usual, and use it as proxy with browsers.... so i think
> this is proxy protocol, not transparent? (my squid _does_ cache the
> files, is that the difference between those two protocols?)
> Lars
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