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From: Adam Neat <>
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 09:07:50 +1000

On Wednesday, July 08, 1998 8:36 AM, Nick D Orloff []
> (New to the list, so I'm sorry if this was discussed last week)
> We're running 1.1.18 on a P200 with 128Mb of RAM, and about 10Gb of HDD.
> In a typical 24 hour period we have around 900 to 1,000Mb of traffic
> through the cache.
> Out hit rate has been steady at 30% for some months, but in the last
> week has dropped to 20 to 25%.
> That I know of "nothing" has changed - any suggestions as to where to
> start looking ??

Hi Nick

Saw a familiar face and thought I'd drop an email!

Try and get hold of stats for what sort of data is being stored or cached.

If for some reason, and we experience this over our 5 servers every once in a
while, "different" types of data is cached and after that data has been cleared
from the cache, or no longer used, then there is a possibility that the system
may report different hit rates.

It may also be because your proxy may be full with larger files such as ftp's
and so on. This being the case, there would be less cache space for smaller,
yet more frequently accessed files.

Try tinkering with your refresh rules as this may help to get rid of things
which don't need to be cached so much.

Does this make sense ?



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