From: Michele Nicosia <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 16:21:18 +0100

Hi all,
 i'm having trouble to allow the authentication for to use my squid
that bind to port 8080
 and apache 1.2.4 that listen at port 8080.The Squidn is runnign tin
mode and with the proxy_auth /path/file/users i have the request for the

passwd, not at the first log like apache, but i i reload the localhost
request my for a proxy-passwd.Well the trouble is that the passwd is not

accepted, the same passwd that works opn apache doesnt work on squind, i

use the sasme pointign passwd file.If i comment the proxy_auth line form

squid.conf the system ask me for the passwd (it is apache that is
responding me) and it let me to go on.The squid.conf have also the
http:_accel loclahost 8080 that is where the server apocache is
I wan tonly to have an authgentication at proxy level, the apache server
running on the intranet only to have a single first page where the
see the info on the mchasine, only the internal machine can see it.
Without Squid the system is ok, but if someo smart user set the proxy
the apache server it act as a proxy without authenticated it (because
user don't load the first page), so i want to install squid with apache
only squid to have the certain idea that all the client MUST
themself.The cleint are not true users of the Linux system, i would like
continue using the htpasswd to create it.
Any idea???
on the faq nothing is can help me to solve this thing........

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