Re: HP-UX kernel parameters.

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 18:31:34 +0200

I took the time going thought the list of HP-UX kernel parameters and here are my
suggestions for HP-UX 10.20. Giving accurate figures is hard without knowing the
configuration or load of the machine, but it should give a rought idea on how to
tune HP-UX.

1. Process size

maxdsiz = 0x70000000
Set this to well more than enought. It's sole purpose is to crash a program that
grows large which is a good idea in a multi-user situation but not on single user
workstations or dedicated servers.

2. File limits (see also note 2)

maxfile_lim = 2048
The highest allowed value. Squid needs to be able to have many many files open at
any given time (Squid uses approximately 2.5 times number of active client

nfile = at least 3000
Must be higher that maxfile_lim + files open by other processes than Squid.

3. Performance paramenters

ninode = at least 8192
Squid uses a lot of different files, and keeping inodes in memory speeds things
up a great deal at the expence of a little memory.

fs_async = 1
faster writes, at the expense of some crash recovery. Worst case is a newfs of
the cache partition in case of a power loss, provided that the machine is
dedicated to Squid and has a separate filesystem for cache + log files. Don't
keep moving data on your OS filesystems.

bufpages or dbc_max_pct = see note 1.
tuned to ensure that the file system buffer leaves enought memory available to
Squid to avoid swapping.

swapmem_on = 1 (the default)
to avoid wasting swap space when most is kept in main memory anyway

Note 1: bufpages & dbc_max_pct

bufpages or dbc_max_pct dictate how much of the main memory that should be used
for file-system buffers. A rule of thumb is that the buffer cache should be no
larger than "total memory - squid process size - other processes - 10MB".
dbc_max_pct is measured in %, bufpages in 4K pages. Only one of them should be
tuned (dbc_max_pct is only used if bufpages is 0).

Note 2: file limits

HP-UX 10.20 supports at most 2048 open files / process. It may be possible to
force 10.20 to support more files but it is not supported and I expect various
applications (or even the kernel) to crash if this is done, but if the machine is
dedicated to Squid it might be worth a try.

In HP-UX 11 the supported limit seems to be as high as 60000 making it a better
choice for applications like Squid who need a huge amount of open files in one

maxfile_lim is also limited by nfile (the global limit) so it is not enought to
rise maxfile_lim alone.

I do not know how HP-UX handles TCP/IP sockets with respect to file tables. From
the information I could find it looks like HP-UX uses a file table entry for each
active socket, and if this is true then nfile (and perhaps maxfile_lim) must be
large enought to accomodate for closing sockets as well as open files/sockets.

Detailed information on each parameter is available in the kernel parameters help
pages in SAM, and from your HP support contact.

Henrik Nordström
Sparetime Squid Hacker
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