My Squid 1.1.21 has problem....

From: } <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 11:08:30 +0800

   Can any one give me any suggestion about the following
error message??

> Access Denied
> Sorry, you are not currently allowed to request: <
> (This can be any www site)<
> from this cache.

    I use the Squid 1.1.21 on the FreeBSD for proxy server.
If I don't specify the proxy server and use the transparent
mode, it works fine. But if I specify the proxy server to
squid server then this error happens. (I use I.E. 4.0)

    This seems to be the problem of Squid 1.1.21. the
following is my acl, I guess it is find.

acl localhost src
acl all src
http_access allow all
icp_access allow all

    Could you give me any suggestion??


PS. Squid 1.1.22 seems not work with transparent mode.
When I specify the proxy server in the browser, It works
fine. But when I use transparent mode, It can't work. Is
there any patch for squid 1.1.22 to correct this problem??
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