RE: Squid LDAP Authentification Help

From: Sparks, Alan <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 08:26:20 -0700

Yes, I have both 1.1.20 and 1.2b22 doing authentication. The first is
with Clayton Donley's LDAP auth patch, the latter with the external
proxy_auth patch. I like the latter very much.

The external authenticator in the latter is a Perl program using the Perl module. Quite simple really... In a pinch, a small C
program linked with the Netscape or UMich LDAP SDK works well also (I
started with this before porting it to Perl for convenience).

I can share additional details as needed.

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From: Brian McCarthy []
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Subject: Squid LDAP Authentification Help

Does anyone have squid authenticating to and LDAP Database. If so would
be willing to share how to make this happen.


Brian McCarthy
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