ghost bandwidth [squid-1.2beta22]

From: Jaeho Yang <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 17:46:12 +0900

Dear sir/madam.

I'm using squids for transparent proxying.
The works are great for us.

But I saw *odd behavior of running squid*.

I measure the I/O traffic bytes of squids via ipfwadm accounting

   [Group1] clients request
   [Group2] squid request for non-cached objects
   [Group3] response from sites (response of [Group2]
   [Group4] response from squid (cached objects + response from request
for non-cached objects)

So, I can measure the saving rate by [Group4] - [Group3]. [Group4] -
[Group3] is the
saved traffic without using real bandwidth.

But Sometimes, [Group3] is greater than [Group4]. It means that squid
received the traffic
from other sites, but it ate the traffic and didn't serve them.

If the difference is subtle, I can't notice them. But the difference is
serveral Megabytes.

Has anyone the same experience ?

---My Environment--
   Linux 2.0.34
   Squid 1.2beta22 (async_io+snmp, none special configuration on


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