RE: Problems with Linux/Squid

From: Chris Chu (mail2) <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 11:16:44 +0800

I've encountered similar problems in our squid server, I just run e2fsck on
the partition and it's now running quite happily, using up all available
disk space.

 - Chris Chu

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> David Sutton wrote:
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> > Hello,
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> > I've been going through the archives but haven't really found
> an answer to this:
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> > I'm running Squid on a Linux based Pentium system, with a
> 6.4Gb EIDE drive and 128Mb of memory. Whilst running over the
> weekend, several problems kept occuring. The cache is acting as a
> transparent proxy, and is handling about 130 requests a minute.
> >
> > The first problem is that the LRU Expiration time droped to
> about 0.22 days .. if I read the FAQ right, this is related to disk space?
> Yes. Once the cache is full, the LRU time reflects the amount of time
> for an object to pass through the cache. That is, the difference between
> the time it is removed to make space, and the time it was fetched.
> > The second is that filesystem errors keep being reported to
> console, and eventually the server 'ran out of diskspace' even
> although df reported that there was about 2Gb free on the hard
> drive. The machine also kept getting duplicate block errors, thus
> the machine required fsck being run by hand every reboot.
> Sounds like you might have a dodgy kernel version, or a dodgy disk. One
> or two versions of squid also tended to commit minor filesystem sins, as
> well. What version of squid are you using?
> > In case this was a file descriptor problem, I installed the
> FD patch, and squid had 1024 FDs available for use.
> Unlikely. Hitting file-descriptor limits should not corrupt your
> filesystem, unless your kernel is buggy.
> > I'd be willing to kernel patch, as I am trying to keep all
> the systems Linux based. I'm also trying out a FreeBSD box, but
> still would prefer a Linux solution.
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