Re: multiple Squids running with 1.2beta

From: Miquel van Smoorenburg <>
Date: 28 Jul 1998 07:47:17 GMT

In article <>,
tom minchin <> wrote:
> I'm currently production testing Squid 1.2beta23 (seems to be reasonably
>stable with the additional patchset). However, I notice that it seems to run
>multiple copies. This is running on Linux 2.0.35 (glibc 2.0.7) with the async-io
>option enabled (and SNMP too). Here's the process table:
>cache 1329 2.3 9.7 52412 50124 p0 R 14:22 28:00 (squid) -sY
>cache 1330 0.0 9.7 52412 50124 p0 S 14:22 0:00 (squid) -sY
[.. etc ..]
> Is this normal behaviour?

Yes. What you see are not multiple copies of squid. Those extra
processes are not processes at all .. they're threads.

Unfortunately at the moment there is no good way to distinguish between
real processes and threads under Linux with user-level tools such as "ps".


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