RE: sporadic hanging with v1.1.21 on Uni

From: Robin Bowes <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 14:31:00 +0100

> I seem to get the same behavior to.. I am running with
> 1.1.20 and It is on redhat-5.1 on an alpha with 512 megs of ram, 39 gb
of hd space.
> It seems to happen when my connections per second get about
> 23.5 to 25. I can send a HUP signal to the squid process and it is
happy again.

Hi Kelly,

I'll see if that works for me. It doesn't really help since it still
means that the cache is out of action until manually re-started.

We don't have anything like that level of activity on our box (UW 2.1.3
on Compaq ProLiant 4500 P100 w/ 192M RAM)

BTW, I've just d/l 1.1.22 to see if that makes any difference. Fingers

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