Announce: SMB proxy authentication

From: Richard Huveneers <>
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 22:37:58 +0200

I've written an authenticator for use with Arjan de Vet's
external proxy authentication patch. This authenticator
uses the SMB protocol to authenticate against a NT server,
Samba server, etc.

This authenticator has been in use in our network for two
weeks now without a single problem.

Please let me know if you are using this authenticator, so
that I know it's worth spending time on.


(this procedure can be much smoother, and I will spend time
on that if there is sufficient interest)

- First, you need the smbvalid.a library.
  - download pam_smb from
  - Type: ./configure
  - Edit the Makefile and remove -fPIC
  - Type: make smbvalid

- Download

- Specify your NT domain(s) in the "ntd" array. If you change
  the number of domains, then don't forget to change the
  NUMNTDOMAINS define too.

- Compile the program with
  gcc -Ismbval -o smb_auth -O2 -Wall smb_auth-0.1.c smbval/smbvalid.a

- Copy the smb_auth binary to /usr/local/bin and use it in your
  squid.conf file.


If you have more than one NT domain on your network (like me)
than the authenticator needs a hint which NT domain to
authenticate against.

This must be done by appending \domainname to the username when
entering the username and password in the browser. If there is
no backslash in the username, than the authenticator picks the NT
domain which has an empty abbreviation in the ntd array.

So if you have just one NT domain, then leave the abbreviation
for this domain blank and your users don't have to specify any

The authenticator accepts any valid account in the NT domain,
so check your domain for unwanted guest accounts.

TODO list:

- move the domain defines to the arguments so they can be
  specified in the squid.conf file.
- smoothen installation
- only accept members of a specific group
- write documentation
- write a web page for this proggie

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