Re: squid 1.2b23 and extern proxy-auth patch

From: Arjan de Vet <>
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 00:35:59 +0200 (CEST)

In article <199807311657.KAA13896@surf> you write:

>Well, nobody complained about having to change their proxy auth
>configurations. Either they think its not a problem, or nobody
>reads the list these days.
>I'll start adding Arjan's patch...

Thank you! This weekend I did some more cleanup, bugfixes and testing and
I've now got a version ready for inclusion into Squid 1.2beta, see the usual

where most things have been updated as well.

It's the 19980802 patch for Squid 1.2beta23pl3 which you should use. For
convenience I also provided a patch between the 19980730 and 19980802
versions in case you already added the 19980730 version.


Cc: squid-users



        Released 19980802 version of the patch relative to squid-1.2beta23
        patchlevel 3.

        Updated proxy_auth web page (documentation, contributed
        authentication programs list and contributors) and this ChangeLog

        Fixed ncsa_auth so that it can deal with empty passwords.

        Did some more testing: mixing srcdomain acls and proxy_auth acls now


        General cleanup.

        Extended ncsa_auth so that it can deal with comments, empty lines
        and extra fields in the password file. Suggested by (a.o.) Heiko
        Schlitterman who already implemented this functionality for the old
        proxy_auth without external authentication programs.

        Print warning when too many authenticate_options are given.


        Released 19980730 version of the patch relative to squid-1.2.beta23
        patchlevel 3.

        Applied patches 1, 2 and 3 for beta23, merging them with my
        proxy_auth patch.

        Fix bug with misplaced cbdataUnlock in acl.c.
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