Some squid 1.2 questions and suggestions

From: Bill Wichers <>
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 01:19:52 -0400 (EDT)

First off, I've been noticing in my trusty MRTG graphs that the digest
transfers that squid does hourly appear to take up a respectable amount of
bandwidth during the short period over which they are transfered. I can
understand that it is of benefit to keep the digest as up to date as
possible and thus it needs to be transferred quickly (no shaping) and at
regular intervals. Has anyone thought to maybe compress the digest, and
send the compressed digest out to all the caches that want it? I would
think it would be possible to compress the digest once per hour and
transfer it to all the squids automatically... Although this would make a
pretty big spike in the parent's outgoing traffic... Hmm.

And a question: I've been having some trouble with the new icons used on
the FTP pages. Documentation in this area is really lacking at the moment!
I am seeing things like this: <IMG BORDER=0 SRC="(null)" ALT="[LINK]">
in the generated listings, and all the images show up as broken. From my
reading of the default squid.conf it looks like Squid assumes the icons to
be under etc/icons/, so I'm not explicitly defining an icon path in my
squid.conf. From the logs I get an "icons loaded" so I'm assuming that
Squid *can* find my icons alright. Any ideas as to what is causing the
src=null lines in the listings?

BTW, are there any plans to expieriment with some type of error detection
for inter-cache transfers? Some type of CRC perhaps? I see a decent number
of broken documents coming down from my parent caches, and although they
might have gotten broken when fetched from the original site, it might be
useful to make sure that at least between caches object integrity could be

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