Re: Squid grabbing all the processor

From: Steve Judge <>
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 21:19:57 +1000

At 03:53 PM 15-08-98 +0800, you wrote:
Ok, thanks walter.
This is the first kernel i've run with 3000 file descriptors :-)
I didn't need them before as i've always had quick_abort turned on in all
the squid versions i've been running which keeps the file descriptor usage
down and stops it exceeding the 256 normal limit and also keeps the
bandwidth charges down which we have to pay here in Australia for inbound
traffic :-))
quick_abort is turned on again now though and the file descriptor usage is
right down again.
One other thing i've noticed also is that if i don't use the cachemgr on
the last two beta versions i've been running, squidy stops grabbing all the
processor for longer periods of time until i access it again ??
The other thing i've seen in the logs is a lot of failed:
sslReadClient: FD.....
clientReadRequest: FD...
in beta23, i didn't see these in beta22


>I had exactly the same phenomenon. I upgraded to 1.2.bet23, ran all the
>patches, upgraded my linux to 2.0.34 (RedHat 5.1), removed the patch for
>3000 file-descriptors, and everything is running fine now, faster than ever.
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