Re: Cache-DIGEST false hits

From: Serge Krashakov <>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 00:08:33 +0400 (MSD)

Hi Alex,

> > Accidently, I have found that the most of CACHE_DIGEST_HIT are false hits.
> I am not sure why you think that most of CACHE_DIGEST_HIT are false
> hits. The tables you have posted do not contain explicit information about
> false hits as far as I can tell. Does Calamaris support CACHE_DIGEST tags?
> Please explain what makes you think that the number of false hits is too
> large.

I have seen not only calamaris-2 report (which supports CACHE_DIGEST tag,
may be, after my patch) but also did explicit grep from logs of both neighbors.
And in some periods of time I have observed even 90% of false hits.
If you need in more information (for example, some additional debug level logs)
I can extract and send it.

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