Re: squid & cache routing

From: David Luyer <>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 11:38:43 +0800

> 3. Now, it is practically impossible to configure the same neighbor
> as parent for one kind of requests and as sibling for another.
> For example, I would like to have some neighbor as parent only for requests
> from particular hosts and as sibling for requests from all others.
> neighbor_type_domain seems do not work if cache_peer_access exists.
> I think that to have separate cache_peer_access rules for parent and
> sibling definition would be useful.

At the moment I'm using a virtual interface to achieve this.

ie, (this is from squid-1.1)

cache_host sibling 8888 3130 proxy-only no-delay multicast-responder
[... other peers ...]
cache_host parent 8888 3130 no-query default
cache_host parent 80 3130 no-query default

cache_host_acl students
cache_host_acl !students

"proxy2-parent" is a virtual interface on "proxy" configured solely to be
a parent for "proxy2".

Now answers all queries as a peer but is only consulted as a
parent for acl "students". In a non-multicast setup the first line should be
replaced with

cache_host sibling 8888 3130 proxy-only

Using a virtual interface allows me to specify differing options and
relationship for the same peer. Note that ICP responses will come
from whatever they are configured to come from, so you can't really
put the same host in as a sibling twice, but it can be a parent any
number of times as long as you configure an IP address for each.

(I also use inside_firewall to force all requests to be sent to one of these
two parents.)

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