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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 09:21:12 +0100


The first possibility that springs to mind is that you're using apostrophes
(') rather than backticks (`) to enclose the "cat" command.

Also, check that you've got "pid_filename pathname/" in your
squid.conf file. Check that the number contained in this file matches the
PID returned from a "ps" instruction.

If it still doesn't work after that, something odd is going on.


Richard Stagg
19/08/98 02:35

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Subject: Rotating logs

I am new in here, but have checked all the on-line docs I can find.
I read in the FAQ and elswhere that I can rotate the logs with the
kill -USR1 command, and that I should just be able to type:
kill -USR1 'cat pathname/'
However this just yields an 'unknown pid' (or similar wording)
errror. I would like to have this in my daily cron, but can't seem to
get it working.
Any help appreciated,

Simon Bryan          
IT Manager           
Information Technology Manager
OLMC Parramatta
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