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From: Carlos Horowicz <carlos@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 12:40:16 -0300


I've seen a previous discussion in this list about hotmail.com's
behaviour to proxies. Users at my site are reporting problems to connect
to hotmail to retrieve their mail (the browser hangs forever trying to
retrieve even the first page). We in fact use two proxies inside the
firewall, which forward all requests to two external parent proxies (all
squid-1.NOVM.22), and this seems to match the situation described in
that mail I came across.

I'd like to define a rule (but I don't know how) for the internal
proxies to forward all traffic destined to hotmail.com to one and only
one of the external proxies. In the external proxy, all I'd need is
"hierarchy_stoplist hotmail.com", and this would force it not to forward
the request to NLANR cache's, but to handle it by itself. Can anyone
tell me if there's some "routing" rule that uses partial URL matching ?


Carlos Horowicz
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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