Mangled cache_dir names, core, SSL

From: Markus Storm <>
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 17:15:17 +0200

Dear followers of the holy squid,

maybe someone of you has wisdom to share.

Our 1.2b23p4 just crashed after 10 days of continuous operation.
cache.log shows multiple

1998/08/21 17:08:22| storeSwapOutFileOpened: Unable to open swapfile:
   this, of course, must be an 'o', so of course it won't find that
   file. Is there a string processing bug somewhere ?

I'd really really like to send in a stack trace, but I don't manage to get
one. Finally having fiddled with system settings to generate a core file, my
gdb always claims it is the wrong format for a core ('file' thinks
differently, there). Has anyone come across that one ?

Also, are there any know SSL issues ? Reportedly b23 broke some homebanking
stuff that worked w/ b21 or b22.

Thanks in advance,

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