Re: transparent proxy & DNS lookups

From: Kevin Littlejohn <>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 22:11:51 +1000

If netscape is using a proxy server (and it knows it), then it doesn't
do any DNS lookups for browsing - it just palms the URL's off onto the
proxy. If it doesn't think it's using a proxy, then it has to do the DNS
lookups itself, then connects to the appropriate IP number, at which point
your transparent proxy cuts in, and redirects everything. There's not
a lot you can do about that really - if netscape doesn't think it's using
a proxy, then it's got to do the lookup, to figure out where to connect

> I've noticed that DNS lookups seem to take longer when using transparent
> proxy (direct connection to the internet)... as opposed to specifying port
> 3128... when using Netscape... on Linux
> Pat.

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