Public key Vs Private key ....

From: Jayakumar Srinivasan <>
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 15:26:04 -0600


   I am trying to understand the squid source code and I ran into a
   few things. While hashing the objects, squid uses a `private key'
   and a `public key'. Obviously they are being used for different
   purposes. I can see that the `public key' is being used to lookup
   the object in the store_table. What is the `private key' used for?
   Also why is that a storeCreateEntry() call is made, irrespective of
   whether the object is already present in the cache or not? My
   understanding was that the `sentry' structure is created once for
   every object. Obviously, I am wrong.

   Please take a look into how a request is being processed by squid:
     (The object is already in the cache)
Processing Request
   storeGeneratePublicKey: method=GET url=
   storeCreateEntry: for
      storeGeneratePrivateKey: method=GET url=
Processed Request
storeGeneratePublicKey: method=HEAD url=

   As I said, I do not understand the necessesity for calling
   storeCreateEntry() and the call to storeGeneratePrivateKey()
   within that.

   Also, who is calling the storeGeneratePublicKey() after my
   icpProcessRequest() is over? Why is it being called?

   I would really appreciate if anybody can solve all my questions.
   Thanks for your time.

- Jayakumar
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