Re: Request URL could not be retrieve

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 1998 16:35:51 -0600

"Raul S. Bucad" writes:

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>I am using 1.1.22 version and whenever I browse this
>site - it says that the error
>encountered was a DNS name lookup failure.
>While trying to retrieve the URL:
>The following error was encountered:=20
> DNS name lookup failure=20
>The system returned:=20
> DNS Domain '' is invalid: Host not found =
>This means that:=20
> The specified host does not exist or its address can't be found.
> If I remove my proxy setting from my browser then this site
>is available. Only when the squid proxy is working then the site
>is not availabe. What's wrong. Is there some config that I have to
>change. I have been using the default squid.conf.

Looks like they didn't pay their bill:

surf-wessels ~ > whois

channelmanila (MANILATIMES3-DOM)
   unit 7 level 3 bodyplace, robinsons
   quezon city, ph 1227

   Domain Status: On Hold

   Administrative Contact:
      rivera, dominic (DR7107) blahblah@BLAHBLAH.NET
      632 6327098 (FAX) 632 6317758
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Admin, DNS (AD1796-ORG) admin@DNS-SOLUTIONS.NET
      [No phone]
   Billing Contact:
      rivera, dominic (DR7107) blahblah@BLAHBLAH.NET
      632 6327098 (FAX) 632 6317758

Duane W.
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