ftp icons vanishing

From: Kevin Littlejohn <darius@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 11:36:02 +1000

Hi all,

I've run across a rather strange problem with one of our caches -
actually, it seems to have spread across several of our caches, but I'm
not entirely sure why...

We're running 1.2.beta23, and things have been going fine up until a couple
of weeks ago, when our ftp icons vanished. I've been tracing through the
code and the daemons, and this is what I've come up with:

On starting squid, it runs through mimeInit, picks up the mime table, and
loads the icons. I can use the 'client' program to directly get the
internal-icons, and that works fine. However, when I get an 'ftp://blah/'
url, the icons all show broken - the img src tag refers to "(null)", which
looks to me like a NULL pointer being passed back as the name of the file
in question.

On raising the debug levels for section 25 (mime), it appears that the
mime functions are never being asked for a mapping when an ftp url is
requested. On looking at the source code for ftp.c, I can't see how that
could be possible - and I've verified that in all requests for testing, the
data is _not_ coming from cache (client -r blah returns the page with an
updated timestamp each time).

At this stage, I'm stumped - the Icons are there, the mime->icon mappings
appear to be there (cache.log with higher debug levels shows them being
loaded in), I can get the icons directly with a /internal-icon/blah type
url, but ftp.c doesn't appear to be calling mimeGetIconURL when it's building
the ftp pages - even for pages it doesn't have in cache, even though the
source code very specifically shows mimeGetIconURL being called (and the
rest of the line is constructed in such a way as to suggest that
mimeGetIconURL is being called but is returning Null), and the debug lines
in mimeGetIconURL aren't triggering.

Any ideas from anyone out there? This one's got me baffled...


Kevin Littlejohn, darius@connect.com.au, darius@bofh.net.au
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