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From: Pruet Boonma <pruet@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 16:03:30 +0700

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Sawasdee ka,

I'm Siwaporn na ka. I called you a few days ago about squid. I am new to
squid. I just upgrade squid from 1.1.3 to 1.1.22. We use it on HPUX
10.20. I use almost default value ka'. And use the same config like our
old 1.1.3 which are cache_host and cache_host_domain due to use
another branch for pareant cache like this

cache_host parent.host parent 10082 7 no-query
cache_host_domain parent.host domainA domainB domainC

Only this 2 Tags in squid.conf made 1.1.3 running well. But the problem
is After upgrading and using the same config, We can't access web page
that list in cache_host_domain . Then I add "inside_firewall" like this

inside_firewall !domainA !domainB IdomainC

the result is I can access those domainA,B,C but I can't access the
whole other webpage. here is error log

 904641308.006 103 ERR_CANNOT_FETCH/400 935 GET
http://www.cineca.it/ - NO_DIRECT_FAIL/www.cineca.it -
904641309.237 11 ERR_CANNOT_FETCH/400 935 GET
http://www.cineca.it/ - NO_DIRECT_FAIL/www.cineca.it -

1998/09/01 16:13:05| --> 'http://ad.mainichi.co.jp/cgi-bin/ad.pl'
1998/09/01 16:13:05| ERR_CANNOT_FETCH:
1998/09/01 16:13:06| protoCantFetchObject: FD 18 No peers to query and
the hostis beyond your firewall.

Do you have any suggestion? ..Do I miss anything?
Thanks you for your advance na ka,

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