Re: Squid Book

From: Carlos Maltzahn <>
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 01:12:10 -0600 (MDT)

There is no book on Squid (yet?). But there is at least one book on Web
proxies in general: "Web Proxy Servers" by Ari Luotonen, Prentice Hall,
1998, ISBN 0-13-680612-0. You should check out O'Reiley ( for
books on Linux System Administration.


On Wed, 9 Sep 1998, Patrick Ng wrote:

    Can someone name me a good book on squid and system administration please?
    cause i am having some problem in understanding everything like http_port
    and so on.
    I have been using linux for 2 months only so i am a bit slow in
    understanding it.
    All my life i have been a Billy's slave with all his windows and I am
    falling in love with linux cause i have had enough with Microsoft stuff.
    Patrick Ngf
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