How to socksify squid?

From: Oleg Makarenko <>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 21:24:18 +0400

Hi to everyone,

Sorry if that is wrong list to ask.

I have read the FAQ but still have a question:

How to socksify squid?
How can I use squid (v1.1.22) behind socks5 (NEC socks5-v1.0r6) server?

FAQ states it is easy to do (-Dsocket=SOCKSsocket, -Dbind=SOCKSbind etc
or <socks.h>) but I have the following problems:

. ftpget seems to be not socks friendly (it makes bind() before
  connect()) so it doesn't work in nopassv mode
  So i need to modify ftpget.c :(
. pinger can not be socksified with usual socket -> SOCKSsocket, bind ->
  SOCKSbind etc
  So i need to modify pinger :(
. squid can't find dnsservers after dnsserver socksification :(
  etc etc etc

I have patched my old squid 1.1.20 so it now works with socks5 but I
need to upgrade to 1.1.22 and want to know is there anybody who knows
some easier way to socksify squid or has ready patches to do that (so
that I can use something like configure --with-socks5)?

Can someone help me?

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