Re: Cache Digests

From: Stephen Baxter <>
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1998 08:42:08 +0930 (CST)

> > Has the only-if-cached solution to False Hits been implemented yet
> > in 1.2 for Cache Digest queries ?
> Duane would know for sure. I think we are half-way there. The new
> "forwarding" module Duane has been working on will support negative replies
> to only-if-cached requests (if it does not already).

Wouldn't it be better for the digest to be used as really good guess
mechanism for ICP. So an object is looked up in all of the digests and
found that it may be in squid1, squid5 and squid7 - not bad if there are
20 caches in the mesh - heaps less ICP.

Instead of using a lossy mechanism such as digests for absolute resolution
of an object location let ICP kick in and finish the job for you. The
result is fewer and better targetted ICP packets.

Just an idea - it is the same way we are implementing the smart neighbour
- in order to get a really hit on the location of the object.
This would instanly remove the need to mod squid for false hits !

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