Re: Problem with directly connected sites

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 17:26:37 -0600

"Stefan Radovanovici" writes:

>Hello Henrik,
>> > We use dynamic routing protocols and routes are announced and
>> > withdrawn all tha time so adding them to acl dst is not acceptable.
>> Maybe AS request routing can help you. It is in 1.2beta... The intention
>> of AS routing is to route the request to the border cache closest to the
>> path a direct connection would go.
> I was hoping to get squid to retrieve directly sites within a certain AS.
>But acording to cache.log it fails when it tries to get data from the whois
>server. Here are some relevant lines:
>1998/09/09 14:47:19| asHandleReply: AS# C (6845)
>1998/09/09 14:47:19| asnAddNet: failed, invalid response from whois server.
>1998/09/09 14:47:19| asState->seen = 312, asState->offset = 312
>1998/09/09 14:47:19| asHandleReply: store_status == STORE_PENDING:
>1998/09/09 14:47:19| asHandleReply: Called with size=0
>1998/09/09 14:47:19| asnStateFree: whois://!gAS6845
> Maybe the server is no good ? I tried with with the same

That doesn't mean it failed entirely.

Looks like the RADB changed the output of their whois server.
The "invalid response" is just ignored, but the other entries before
it are valid.

>Any idea ?

Could be a byte-ordering but. Try commenting out this line in asnAddNet():

    /* mask = ntohl(mask); */

Duane W.
Received on Fri Sep 11 1998 - 16:28:03 MDT

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