dns issues with squid

From: Paul Jenner <paul@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 13:23:30 +0100 (BST)


        I am administrating a transparent proxy web-cache on a box that
unfortunately must also run the site DNS. The set up being used is
squid-novm run under Linux 2.0.x, transparent proxied with the Linux
packet filtering firewall and DNS being served by BIND 4.

        The squid FAQ does not recommend running squid on the same box as
the DNS but does not explian why. Could someone help explain any problems
that running DNS and squid together could cause? If the problems are
significant but the situation is such that DNS and squid must run
together, how can the problems be minimised?

        My other questions are about how the setup affects the dnsserver
process. If all proxying is transparent then it is the client that does
the DNS look-ups, not squid. In that case do I need to run any dnsserver
processes at all? If I do need to run dnsserver processes is there a
better way of administrating the task given that they would run on the
same machine as the DNS to which they connect? The FAQ recommends finding
out how many dnsservers are required and then starting a few more. I do
not run the squid cache-manager cgi for security reasons. In the abscence
of this cache-manager, how do I tell how many of my dnsservers are being
used (ps reports a consistent number of stable processes and netstat shows
them all to be connected to squid process sockets)?

        Sorry about the long post but none of these question seemed to
have an easy answer in either the FAQ, the documentation or the mailing
list archives.

        Thanks for all the answers I receive,


        Paul Jenner
        Linux System Administrator

        E-mail: paul@mustec.ml.org
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