Re: Does squid 1.1 use this command?

From: David Luyer <>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 14:45:39 +0800

> Hi, can anyone tell me if squid 1.1 runs this command at anytime. It's
> Linux 2.0.x, squid 1.1.20.
> find / ( -fstype nfs -o -fstype NFS -o -type d -regex \(^/t

That looks like the first part of an updatedb command, which would be
running from cron on your linux box or maybe from a /etc/cron.daily/* script.
Under Debian it's configured by /etc/updatedb.conf from memory.

Squid would not run such a disk-intensive external command (in fact the
only external programs it runs are those you tell it to, such as redirectors,
and a few little things like ftpget and dnsserver which come with it).

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