useragent problem

From: Steve Pinel <>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 11:16:12 +1000

Hi all,
        I have been using squid 1.1.21 quite happily on an Apple runnng MkLinux
for most of the year, and recently donwloaded 1.1.22.

22 Runs quite well as well, but I've tried compiling both with
useragent_log enabled, without luck.

Actually, ir compiles, but when I go to run it, it comes up with the
message saying that I can;t run squid as root, and that I must set
cache_effective_user. Now I have done this, and checked it about 50 times,
and recompiled about 5 times, yet stil the same trouble. I've tried tha
FAQ & documentation, and the archives.

Can anyone help me wih this?
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