Squid 1.2beta22 ignoring siblings

From: A.R. Cache Op <ar-cache@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 22:43:08 +1000

        I have had Squid 1.2beta22 running for a few days and everything
seemed OK.

        I added some more siblings yesterday and around 24 hours later
it started ignoring their replies. The ICP hits the siblings from
looking at the logs on my other squid machines, the replies come back
according to cachemgr's counter but they are ignored, none of the HITs are

        Is this a known bug in beta22 ?

        I have tried to HUP the squid process, it fetched SIBLING_HIT's
for about 10 minutes before it yet again stopped requesting any HITs from
its siblings.

        'C' ya ...

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