Gotchas/buglets in 1.NOVM.22

From: Peter Polkinghorne <>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 09:17:28 +0200

I encountered a couple of buglets/gotchas - I am using Squid 1.NOVM.22 on
Solaris 2.5.1 on Sparc compiled with Sun C 4.2.

a) if I changed log_icp_queries tag in squid.conf and HUPed Squid, it did not
take any notice of the change. The only workaround was to restart squid.

b) The acl name src tag with a name rather than IP address was not documented
- so the old squid.conf files had netmasks with them - which were rejected.
This caused a bit of head scratching which I only resolved by looking at the
source, when it became apparent netmasks and names were incompatible.

c) Finally should I expect Squid (or at least the version I am running) to
become bigger and bigger - for a while it ran at 100Mb, then it grew to 150Mb
- so I restarted & it is back to 80Mb at present. We have 7Gb of cache. Is it
leaking memory?

NB - I subscribe to the Squid Digest - but the reply-to: address in the digest
is set to - this did not work for being a digest

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