Re: FTP icons broken in 1.2beta25

From: Christian Krackowizer <>
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 12:18:49 +0200

At 11:46 23.09.98 -0600, you wrote:
>Bob Franklin writes:
>>I'm sure someone mailed about this before... but I can't find the reply
>>(I think I've deleted it) and I can't find any information on the WWW
>>pages about it... but the the FTP icons don't appear in when you do FTP
>>via Squid.
>>I'm sure I'm just being dense... can someone point me in the right
>>direction to get them working... (or was the reply 'yes, we know - but
>>haven't the time to fix it'? ;^])?
>>(They didn't work for me in beta24, either...)
>You might just need to copy 'mime.conf.default' to 'mime.conf'
>in your $(prefix)/etc directory.
>Duane W.

I'll attach two mini scripts (diff.1 and patch.1) which I use before and
after upgrading to a newer version...

cp squid.conf.default squid.conf
patch < squid.diff
cp mime.conf.default mime.conf
patch < mime.diff

cp squid.conf squid.sav
diff -c squid.conf.default squid.conf > squid.diff
cp mime.conf mime.sav
diff -c mime.conf.default mime.conf > mime.diff

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