RE: Refresh rules

From: Kamiski Nicolas <>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 13:27:36 +0200

Normally on squid 1.2, you have a refresh_pattern option in squid.conf.
For exemple I have:
refresh_pattern -i \.gif$ 10080 90% 43200 override-expire
for all the gif.

The rules to the regex is:
#if you specify 'gif$' then it matches that string occuring only at the
 of a string
# the '.' match any single character
# 'x match x
# x+ match 1 or more x's
# x* match 0 or more x's
# \. really match a .
# ^abc only match abc at the begining
# abc$ only match abc at the end
# [abc] match any single character that is a b or c.
# [a-zA-Z] match any single upper or lower alphabetic character.
# [^abc] match any singla character that isn't a b or c.

For more documentation on this tag, have a look in squid.conf
This is the theory.
In practice there in no change in my acces.log, with or without it. :).

Nicolas Kamiski.
PS: I surely write some "conneries", so correct me ;)
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De: Irfan Akber []
Date: vendredi 25 septembre 1998 18:18
: squid-users
Objet: Refresh rules

What rules should I specify to allow efficient caching. Is there a way
specify different refresh rules for index.html and different for
I want to cache images longer than the .html file.


Irfan Akber
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