ANNOUNCE: Free domain&URL filter for Squid: squidGuard-0.9

From: Pål Baltzersen <>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 12:37:57 +0100

ElTele Øst AS is pleased to announce the release of squidGuard-0.9.

                              What it is

squidGuard is a free (GPL), flexible and efficient filter and
redirector program for squid. It lets you define multiple access
rules with different restrictions for different user groups on a squid
cache. squidGuard uses squid standard redirector interface.

You may define multiple target classes (dest) like adult, financial
etc. Each class may be defined by a domainlist, an URL list and/or a
set of regular expressions.

You may define multiple user/client groups (src). Each client group
may be defined by a list of IP-addresses and/or IP-ranges, a list of
domains, and/or list of user names.

You may define multiple rewrite (rew) rules to redirect certain URLs
to a given site.

You may define multiple access control lists (acl) where each client
group is granted access to or blocked from a set of target
classes. Each acl may have different rewrite rules. Each acl may have
a different redirect URL for blocked URLs or fallback to a default.

This way some users may access only som predefined sites or URLs,
while others may access any site exept those containing adult
material, while some may access the whole Internet.

For more info read or

                              Where it is
                              ~~~~~~~~~~~ (squidGuard-*.tar.gz) (squidGuard-*.tar.gz)


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