Re: caching dynamic pages (CGI)

From: Perrin Harkins <>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 00:09:18 +0000

Henny Bekker wrote:
> Hi Perrin,
> > Sorry to ask what seems like a stupid question, but how do I get Squid
> > to cache dynamically generated pages? I'm trying to use it for
> > acceleration of an existing server, and want to cache the results of CGI
> > requests for 24 hours, even though they don't send last_modified or
> > expires headers.
> >
> > The basic proxying/acceleration is working fine, but it isn't caching
> > the CGI pages. Do I need to turn off some stopwords somewhere?
> >
> For squid v1.1.* look in the squid.conf file for "hierarchy_stoplist" and
> "cache_stoplist".. The default setting is not to cache URL's with a "?"
> or "cgi-bin".. You also have to set the "refresh_pattern" for the URL's
> containing "cgi-bin" ..

I removed the hierarchy_stoplist lines and the acl QUERY lines and I'm
still getting nowhere. My refresh_pattern looks like this:

refresh_pattern cgi-bin 600 0% 4320 ignore-reload override-expire

I know that's extreme, but I just want to see it work before I start
toning it down.

I'm using 1.2beta25.

- Perrin
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