Re: max fd's in linux

From: Simon Rainey <>
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 1998 12:10:18 +0100

>I have installed the 2.0.35-3kfd patch:
>constellation:/# cat /proc/sys/kernel/file-nr
>constellation:/# cat /proc/sys/kernel/file-max
>yet when i goto compile Squid-2 RELEASE, I get:
>checking Default FD_SETSIZE value... 4096
>checking Maximum number of filedescriptors we can open... 256
>WARNING: 256 may not be enough filedescriptors if your
> cache will be very busy. Please see the FAQ page
> on how to increase your filedescriptor limit
>Do you have to manually go in their and edit the limit? Anyone know what
>could be going on?

You can get around this by setting the open file limit before running
configure. Do this with ulimit:

ulimit -n 3000

You also need to add this line to the RunCache script before the line that
kicks off Squid.


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