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From: David Luyer <>
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 12:54:19 +0800

> Hi .
> I did not well explain myself the last time. I have a mail server under
> Linux RedHat 5.0
> there is a small lan where people can have access on the web for
> documentation but they come here only to use mIRC. I want to know how I
> can prevent that.

Squid doesn't _block_ anything. Squid is a proxy, it provides additional
services, acting as a proxy cache for HTTP and a as HTTP gateway for a number
of other protocols. It's then up to you to block the other accesses.

ie: run squid on a dual-interface machine with one interface for your
  web access lab and one interface to the internet. don't route between
  these interfaces. put whatever access restrictions in squid you want.
  if squid is the only way people can get to the internet interface, then
  people can't run mIRC or access pages which squid doesn't permit access to.

Of course, blocking mIRC could probably be done much easier by denying
connections to a TCP destination port of 6666-6669 in your border router.


> Thanks in advance.
> Patrick NG
> On Fri, 2 Oct 1998, Duane Wessels wrote:
> > Patrick Ng writes:
> >
> > >hi
> > >
> > >can someone tell me how to block my irc port to prevent doing irc on the
> > >server?
> >
> > acl irc port nnnn
> > http_access deny irc
> >
> > Duane W.
> >
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