Re: Squid for HTTP load balancing ?

From: David Luyer <>
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 17:31:06 +0800

> Is Squid able to act as HTTP load balancer ? Idea: one Squid receives
> all requests for a www.***.* site and forwards the requests to a farm
> of httpd daemons behind a firewall, takes the responses and send them
> back to the browser.
> The problems:
> - Squid must have some knowledge about the current load of every httpd
> - In some cases there is a need that a series of requests from a specific
> client is sent to the same httpd (session management, local data of the
> http)
> Or are there better solutions available (most commercial solutions are
> rather expensive.

You know, random distribution could be quite reasonable; write a redirector

  * if URL isn't a "special" one -> return server[random() % servers]
  * if URL is a "special" one -> return server[hash(client_address) % servers]

If you want to be smarter, you could try to maintain a shared memory segment
with one word containing the latest load average for each server (multiplied
by a constant factor -- use integers since then you don't have to concern
yourself if a read during a write could return a completely bogus answer
due to reading two halves of a different double -- writing one positive integer
over another, and reading while that is happening, will return a value between
the two integers [assuming EREW for each byte]). Then you could bias your
answers based on current load averages for "normal" URLs (hoping this is
where most of the load comes from).

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