Re: cache-digest errors.

From: Karl Ferguson <>
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 1998 02:35:35 +0800

At 11:51 PM 5/10/98 +1000, Dancer wrote:

>I'd definitely say it's a false hit, and you don't have miss_access for
>each-other. If you're going to do cache-digests (and even some ICP) you
>probably want to allow it. There's a little give and take, but it all
>balances out.

I know we can trust eachother in this sense, but it's unfortunate that
miss_access is a global setting, not a per-sibling setting. It would be
good to see that if squid is using cache-digests and upon receiving an
error from the neighbors cache to get it directly. But anyway, we can't
have everything :-)

It's quite bizzare, I didn't think I'd notice that many failures by using
cache-digests, but it's bound to happen.


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