Strange problem with NCSA authentication?

From: Niall Richard Murphy <>
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 1998 15:16:51 +0200

Hi there,

It might well be my http_access configuration -- it might be my acl configuration --
but I can't get NCSA auth to work properly. I can't find anything significant on this
in the FAQ, but I have looked, so if it's as simple as "look again" tell me :-)


with conf lines like these:
acl password proxy_auth 3600
http_access allow password

a connecting browser can establish, be authenticated successfully according to the
logfile, but then just prints "Connecting to host..." and never actually recieves any data.

Strangely in access.log I get one line reading TCP_DENIED/407 but nothing after that
even though cache.log says

1998/10/06 15:07:35| aclCheck: checking 'http_access allow password'
1998/10/06 15:07:35| aclMatchAclList: checking password
1998/10/06 15:07:35| aclMatchAcl: checking 'acl password proxy_auth 300'
1998/10/06 15:07:35| aclMatchAclList: returning 0
1998/10/06 15:07:35| aclCheck: match pending, returning 2
1998/10/06 15:07:35| aclCheckCallback: answer=2
1998/10/06 15:07:35| clientSendMoreData: Appending 991 bytes after 320 bytes of headers
1998/10/06 15:07:35| connStateFree: FD 11
1998/10/06 15:07:35| httpRequestFree:

So, any ideas?

OS: Solaris 2.6 on a bog standard x86 box.

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