ident lookup problem -- BUG?

From: Bob Franklin <>
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 22:28:29 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time)


We use an authenticating cache (squid 1.1 + 1.2beta25) but have some Lynx
clients on a multiaccess UNIX box.

To solve the problem of Lynx not working with an authenticating cache, I
did the following:

  acl multiaccess_hosts src suma3
  acl multiaccess_users user REQUIRED


  http_access allow multiaccess_hosts multiaccess_users

This works fine.

However, we have been experiencing a problem with PC-NFS clients under
Windows 3.1... they appear to have a buggy TCP/IP stack which doesn't
report 'destination unreachable' when the server attempts to contact
something on a port which is not being listened on.

The result is the squid cache keeps send 'ident' lookups to the 'auth'
port on the client machine but never receives an 'unreachable' so it
never times out. The end result (from the user's point of view) is that
they can't use the cache. :(

Can squid be modified to only do the ident lookups if required? i.e. it
won't try to do an ident lookup on the above rule unless it first matches
the 'multiaccess_hosts' acl.

However, by commenting out the 'http_access' line, it still did an ident
lookup! I don't have 'ident_lookups' set to 'on' (I just have it
commented out... so it should default to 'off').

To me, the problem looks mainly in the ball of PC-NFS... but we can't
really solve that, so I was hoping to bounce it back and solve it at the
squid end...?

Thanks in advance,

  - Bob

P.S. I can't see this problem as being a 'bug fix' in 2.0, so I assume
the problem will still remain with that...

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