Re: bash and max files on Linux

From: Claude Morin <>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 13:02:52 -0400 (EDT)

Stefan Rompf <> wrote:
> +--------------------------------------------------------------+
> | Customer: I'm using Windows '95. Hotline: Ok, got that one. |
> | Customer: It's not working. Hotline: You already said that. |
> +--------------------------------------------------------+++ATH0

Did you work for Hayes in a previous life?

Are there still modems (after all these years) which don't implement
guard times before and after the "+++" and will disconnect whenver
someone reads this message? Or is this intended to cut off some random
poor bastard whose connection happens to pause for at least a second
before and after the "+++" characters?

If so, I think it's rather unfriendly of you to use such a .sig on a
co-operative mailing list.

Claude Morin
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ISG Technologies Inc.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
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